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‘Wen’ by Chaz Dean: A Hair Revolution

Posted in Health and Beauty on April 30, 2011 by sbulletforever

I’ve been stuck to Pureology for a long time, so when my mom got all hyped up from some infomercial she watched about ‘Wen’, I said, “No way.” Why change a good thing? But she ranted and moaned about it, so I finally agreed to split a 30-day supply with her.

The first thing you need to know is that this isn’t your average shampoo and conditioner set- this has one bottle of cleansing conditioner that takes care of both. And no, it isn’t a ‘shampoo + conditioner’ mix. It’s a thick, creamy conditioner and not some watery solution that’ll strip your hair down.

The second thing you need to know is that Wen has a ‘more is more’ philosophy. The more you use of this, the better your hair will be. There is no such thing as using too much and turning into a greaseball. The longer you let this sit on your hair, the healthier it will be. And you can wash your hair as many times a day as you wish- there is no limit to using Wen.

Thirdly, there are two places you can buy this product. Either from Chaz Dean’s website or from QVC, and I recommend getting it from QVC. Sometimes their prices are a little better, and there’s usually a payment plan option and an option to have your bottles automatically sent to you every month so you don’t have to reorder them. And the selection is LARGE. Wen has a lot to offer. But before we get there, let me review the 30 day kit first.

So the Cleansing Conditioner automatically comes as the ‘Sweet Almond Mint’. This is the standard conditioner for normal hair, but there ARE other options. ‘Cucumber Aloe’ is best for fine hair and for clarifying your scalp, ‘Fig’ is for thick/coarse/curly hair or very dry/damaged hair, ‘Lavender’ is a volumizing conditioner, ‘Pomegranate’ is a universal conditioner with an emphasis on hydration, and ‘Tea Tree’ is best for those with itchy/flaky scalps and for those who have a problem growing hair. I prefer ‘Lavender’ myself, but it all depends on your hair type and what you want from your conditioner. Anyways, the Cleansing Conditioner comes in a pump bottle, which is nice, except it’s a pain to get the last bits of thick conditioner out of the bottom of the bottle.

To use, rinse your hair with water thoroughly. Then you’ll want to section your hair into four parts (top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right) and start applying. Depending on how long your hair is, use a MINIMUM of four pumps per section. It sounds like a lot! And believe me, more pumps per section is better. I scimp and use only a pump per section (I have short/medium hair) because my pocket book is hurting lately, but I can see a wild difference in my hair when I use more. Rub vigorously, then add extra pumps (depending on your length of hair) to the mid-shaft and ends of your hair. Let it sit for as long as possible! I do my hair at the start of my shower and let it sit until I’m ready to get out. When you rinse it out, towel dry your hair so it isn’t soaking and add a couple of pumps (again, more if you have longer hair) as a leave in conditioner. Just run it through your hair starting at the mid-shaft, then to the ends, then up at the top of your scalp.

Does it work? My GOD, yes. I’ve been using ‘Wen’ regularly for a couple of months now, but I saw results within my first two uses. I have softer, shinier, healthier hair! I have more natural volume and less dry frizzies flying around my head! I have beautiful hair, and it’s super healthy. My boyfriend (whom I’ve mentioned in previous posts) is a hairstylist, and he can’t keep his fingers out of my hair. He’s too much of a ‘guy’ to actually compliment it, but I know he thinks it’s soft because he loves to run his fingers through it and mess it up.

I should also mention that this Cleansing Conditioner is a marvel for colored hair. I have been every shade in the rainbow (for 2 years I was a bright pink/platinum blonde) and am currently a dark brown/platinum mess. When I used Pureology, I had to cut it with a purple shampoo and conditioner that would save my platinum from fading, and would go in to my salon to get it toned every so often. But I haven’t had to use the purple shampoo in ages! The Wen keeps my platinum fresh for a long time, so now I only go in to get it toned once a month or so. And all that bleach that dried my hair for so long no longer bothers my hair! Within two weeks, my hair is fully ready to go through another batch of platinum if I so wanted.

Along with the amazing ‘Sweet Almond Mint’ Cleansing Conditioner, you get the ‘Sweet Almond Mint’ Styling Cream, ‘Sweet Almond Mint’ Texture Balm, ‘Sweet Almond Mint’ Remoist Treatment and a thick, fat comb for brushing through your Cleansing Conditioner and Remoist Treatment (if you have very thick or long hair, it’s nice!).

Now, the Styling Cream is a gel-like, clear cream that you smooth through damp hair before styling. While it does help with hold, I’m not as fond of it. It feels very thick in my hair, and I may be imagining it, but it also weighs it down some. While this is great for long hair, my short/medium hair with lots of curl needs natural volume! But it’s not a bad product either… Depends on what kind of style you like. I’m a ‘let if flow wild’, scrunch-and-run girl. I like looking like I ran off the beach with salty, wind-swept hair! If you like a more tame look, you’ll probably like this.

The Texture Stick isn’t bad either. It looks like a typical wax stick, but it’s much smoother and less sticky. You still have to rub a ton of it on your fingers (or directly on your hair) to get any, and it goes FAST. The really nice thing is that it adds definition and hold to your textured hair and feels light as a feather. You can run your fingers through your hair after using it and not snag on dry, sticky wax! But in my opinion, Bumble & Bumble’s Surf Spray does the same thing but with better volumizing results. I’ll stick to my Surf Spray and firmer, stickier SumoTech from Bumble & Bumble rather than waste $ on this.

The Remoist Treatment is a very thick leave-in conditioner. The instructions recommend you dampen your hair, add tons of it in, comb through with your thick Wen comb, and leave it sit overnight. It’s a lovely leave-in, that’s for sure. I like it better than the giant tub of Pureology leave-in I bought a couple months ago that now sits unused on my bathroom counter… And what’s really nice about the Remoist is that it can be used to tame frizzies! I put just a touch on my fingers and run it through my hair, ESPECIALLY after straightening it with my Hai Elite flat iron. The conditioner really adds moisture and love back to my straightened hair, and it takes care of annoying frizzies very well. This is a must have! And, like all the other products, it comes in whatever blend you want. Mix and match for your particular style or keep all the same type of product (we have all Sweet Almond right now, which is changing to a Lavender/Sweet Almond mix-up).

If you can swing it, spend the money for it. Try the 30-day supply for a month or two until you get the hang of it and know what you want from it. I now buy the big bottles from QVC and know which flavor of conditioner I like. The ‘Sweet Almond’ is great, but I love volume in my bouncy hair, so I’m switching to ‘Lavender’. You’ll probably spend around $45 for a big bottle of Cleansing Conditioner, but consider what it would cost you to buy a bottle of decent shampoo and conditioner! Your hair will be healthier and shinier and more volumized than ever- even if you’ve been using products like Pureology, Enjoy, or Bumble & Bumble for years.