First Aid Beauty: Be Fabulous Kit

I over-stressed my skin last week and have been paying the consquences. Despite knowing better,  I get frustrated with my skin’s lack of perfection and exfoliate like the devil constantly. I’ve been using my Dermalogica ‘Daily Microfoliant’ too much, rather than alternating it with another wash, which didn’t help. And I used my Origins ‘Night-A-Mins’ during the daytime as well (because I ran out of daytime moisturizer and am looking for a new one), which didn’t help. And I’ve been trying new foundations in the search for a decent one, and that really didn’t help.

So, anyways, I came across this kit while looking for a gift for my grandmother. I’d read a few solid reviews saying that the First Aid Beauty ‘Ultra Repair Cream’ was great for psoriasis, which she has, and a number of other skin diseases. I came in to Sephora to get it and ended up buying a whole ‘Be Fabulous Kit’ for myself. The kit comes with three full-sized products: a 5 oz ‘Face Cleanser’, a .34 oz ‘Detox Eye Roller’, and a 6 oz ‘Ultra Repair Cream’. Individually those three products add up to $70, but the kit gives them to you for $35. I couldn’t say no!

The first thing you should know is that this line is purely organic and free of any irritants, fillers, or gunk. It’s recommended by doctors and dermatologists to people with skin diseases like psoriasis, rosacea, and etc. So even the most sensitive of sensitive skins use this without problems, so I figured it couldn’t possibly irritate my dry, acne-prone skin. Anyways, I tried the ‘Face Cleanser’ out today in my shower (with my Clarisonic brush) and didn’t expect much out of it. But I was wrong! The cleanser, which you only need a dime-sized amount of, spreads evenly over your face. I could feel a tingling sensation on my irritated spots of acne and literally could feel it working. I let it sit for a while on my face before rinsing it off so I could get maximum results. I checked my skin at the end of the day and noticed a HUGE difference! It had diminished my acne, helped heal some of my irritated acne spots, brightened my complexion, minimized my pores and cut down on my T-zone oiliness. I ended up using 50% less concealer than normal today, and 25% less foundation than I normally do. I’d pay $100 for something like this! But lucky me, I only need to pay $18 for a bottle of this face cleanser.

The ‘Ultra Repair Cream’ is a whipped, light moisturizer. You don’t need a lot, and you get a ton for $28! It leaves a noticeable soft trace on your skin, so it doesn’t blend in and disappear into your skin 100%, but the soft and refreshing feeling stayed all day. It helped my makeup look not-so-dry, which I loved. My dry skin makes applying makeup a hassle! But this really worked to keep me moisturized all day. Here’s the ‘research results’ I got from the First Aid Beauty site:

  • immediate improvement in skin hydration by 169%
  • After two weeks, improvement in skin hydration by 38%
  • 98% of test subjects noticed immediate improvement in skin
  • 100% noted a lasting improvement in sky dryness

I concur- those aren’t fake results. This really is a miracle moisturizer, and for a great price. Too bad it isn’t more publicized and advertised!

The ‘Detox Eye Roller’ was…alright. I mean, I felt and saw results, but I felt it was a little too  intense. The roller ball stays super cold, which helps depuff eyes, but the formula felt really powerful and potent. Like, it was an almost burning cold sensation. But it certainly helped with my eyes! I have hereditary dark circles and use lots of products on my eyes just to make them look normal, and this helped me use less of those other products. Worth it, for sure, but definitely intense.

I’m sold! First Aid Beauty is my new skincare source. HOWEVER, I will warn you about the single fault of this product: it smells like vegetables. Seriously, the smell reminds me of this veggie and cream cheese dip my mom used to make, and I had to finely chop all the veggies and mix them together. It’s that kind of smell. Not the nicest smell in the world, but the scent is very light and doesn’t stick on your skin. But it reassures me that this skincare line is free of all parabens, fragrance, and other junk I don’t want on my skin. Of course, I still plan to exfoliate a few times a week with my ‘Daily Microfoliant’, but not as much as I’ve been doing.


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