Per-fekt Beauty Review (All Products)

I’ve heard about this Per-fekt Beauty line before, but had never bothered with it. It’s a gel-based line, and I’d never used gel makeup before. Also, the prices seemed a bit ridiculous. But I went in to Sephora yesterday in a desperate search for a decent foundation and ran into the Perfekt Beauty rep, who did my face and my mother’s face up. I’ll review all the products individually for you.

I’ll start with the Perfekt ‘Skin Perfection Gel’. It’s supposed to be a miraculous do-all product that acts as a primer, concealer, foundation, and mattifying powder. It’s water-resistant, ful of vitamins, and free of fragrance, parabens, water, wax and talc. It is one of the only brands that does not dilute its products with water. You get 1 ounce for $57.50 (comes in a pump form) and it comes in 5 different shades. But don’t fear! It’s made with state-of-the-art color technology that adheres to your skintone, giving you the perfect custom shade for your skin. The gel makes skin feel super smooth and moisturized.

The ‘Translucent’ shade is a universal clear shade that basically just mattifies your skin. I imagine you could use it over your regular foundation for that extra perfect touch. Wear it to the beach, the pool, out on an adventure or out dancing all night- this will stay. Water beads right off of it, and only scrubbing with soap takes it fully off. The ‘Luminous’ shade is for al fair/light skintones; ‘Radiant’ is for light/medium skintones; ‘Rich’ is for medium/dark skintones (and can be used as a can-in-a-tan face tanner for all skintones), and ‘Decadent’ is for deep skintones or can be used as a bronzer on your cheeks.

First, I should tell you that when I had my makeup done yesterday, the Rep used tons of product on my face. I mean,she used half a month’s supply of the product on my face in one sitting. And she said we should only used a tiny bit, ’cause the 1 ounce bottle would last us 6 months, but she kept using more and more of it! How did it look? Flawless. The gel applies darker, but fades to your natural skintone. You pat it on your face and, as you notice the color fading, use clean fingers to rub it in your skin. It lasts all day and looks as fresh as the moment you put it on- no joke! It looks so natural that you can’t see it in harsh halogen light or out in the bright sun. It mattifies even the oiliest of skins, and looks more and more flawless and natural as the day wears on. I thought it was a dream. HOWEVER, I discovered its greatest flaw this morning as I put my makeup on. It only provides very sheer coverage and requires building to get that medium/full coverage look. But that requires a lot of product, and this stuff isn’t cheap. You’ll end up using the Perfekt ‘Skin Perfection Gel To Go’ ($17.50, a one month supply in a squeeze tube) in much less than a month if you use it every day and want medium coverage. The $57.50 will last you a couple of months, but definitely not 6 months.

Sorry to say, as wonderful and flawless as this product is, I can’t afford it. My skin is young and flawed with acne, and I need medium/full coverage to be happy. My mother, on the other hand, with older skin that doesn’t worry about acne and scars anymore, loves this. She can use a small amount and look wonderful, but I require much more.

I’ll move on to the next product- the Perfekt ‘Cheek Perfecting Gel’. Comes in two shades: ‘Blushed’ and ‘Bronzed’ in a pump form. You get .33 ounces for $28, but you can get the duo in a package deal for only $42.50. It’s made of the same stuff as the ‘Skin Perfecting Gel’ and applies the same. Pat a small amount on your cheeks (it will look insanely dark at first) and as it fades, rub it in. I tried the ‘Bronzed’ shade and liked it a lot. It was flattering on my pale skin, giving me a hint of warm color that looked totally natural and part of my skin. However, it was a bit on the orange side, and I prefer dark and matte bronzers, so I passed on this. My mother tried the ‘Blushed’ color and loved it. It gave her a very youthful rosy glow on her cheeks that made her look younger, and it looked so natural! The Rep also put some of it on her lips, and it made a beautiful lip color. The gel moisturized her lips and gave her a beautiful pink lip that lasted all day. The ‘Blushed’ is worth in, in my opinion. It doubles as a flattering lip and cheek color. The ‘Bronzed’ is good if you like light, slightly orange bronze, but I prefer a darker bronze for my cheeks.

The ‘Body Perfection Gel’ is what Victoria’s Secret models use on the runway to look glowing and fabulous. You get 3 ounces for $48, and it comes in 3 different shades. Use it as a body concealer, a natural glow or a can-in-a-tan alternative. The water-resistant formula makes sure that no sweat or water will take this off! In fact, it does NOT rub off on clothes. We did a test and could only get it off with soap and water and a little scrubbing, so no transfer. Worth it for flawless pictures or if you have some body imperfections and need to cover them up. Comes in a large squeeze tube.

Last, but not least, is my favorite product: The ‘Eye Perfecting Gel’. $45 for .3 ounces means it’s ridiculously pricy, but worth it. I have hereditary dark circles that make me look like a zombie most days, despite the fact that I use eye cream and get plenty of sleep. My circles are 3x as dark as my mother’s dark eye circles! And I have to go through a very long and expensive morning ritual to look semi-normal. Eye cream, one concealer, then a second concealer, then a little foundation, then a concealer touch-up. But this ‘Eye Perfecting Gel’ cuts my steps down! It’s a squeeze bottle, so you get exactly how much you need, and it applies with a metal slanted tip. The cool metal helps de-puff eyes and soothes them, and the cucumber extract makes eyes feel cool for hours. Anyways, I use my brightening eye cream (from Origins) and then apply this. This one gel is worth two concealers! I only need a touch of my Lorac Coverup to get model-worthy eyes. My under eye circles look like somebody took an airbrush and covered them up!

In the end, I liked this brand, but hate the prices and the tiny amounts of product you get. The ‘Skin Perfecting Gel’ is only for those with flawless skin. It’s too much money for those of us who need medium/full coverage and have acne marks, discoloration, redness, or scars. The ‘Cheek Perfecting Gel’ was nice, and I could see spending the money on the ‘Blushed’ color since it doubles as a lip and cheek color that lasts all day. The ‘Body Perfecting Gel’ is worth it if you need flawless body coverage. I could see spending the money if you’re taking important photos or going out and want to cover some body flaws. God knows I end up getting makeup stains on the back of my clothes when I try to cover my bad back acne, and this gel would prevent makeup transfer. The ‘Eye Perfecting Gel’ is worth every penny! My hereditary nightmare circles are tamed, and for me the gel is less money than all the concealers I end up buying and combining to cover it up.


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