Too Faced Lip Insurance Primer vs. Urban Decay Lip Primer Potion

I’d tried the Urban Decay Lip Primer Potion and wasn’t fond. It was a thick, hard, wax that you had to rub hard into your lips. It gave some moisturizing benefits, but was mostly exfoliating from all the scrubbing I had to do to get it on. And it muted the color of my lipstick/gloss- I needed more than three coats for the color of my lip color to show like it should. Of course, it did make my lip color stay forever, but it had its flaws. Someone finally convinced me to try the Too Faced lip primer, so I gave it a try for Halloween.

It comes in a lipgloss tube with a gloss applicator, unlike the Urban Decay primer that came in a lipstick tube. It’s $19, which is okay. You only pay $1 more for the Urban Decay, but the Urban Decay will last you longer.

While the Urban Decay applies as a thick, skin-colored wax, the Too Faced Lip Insurance Primer is a white-tinted glossy formula. But, honestly, it isn’t a gloss. It has the same powdery, silky smooth consistency most face primers have, and it makes your lips extremely slick and smooth without making them wet and shiny like a gloss. It immediately moisturizes your lips like a dream! Better than any of my normal lipglosses, balms or treatments do. It also covers over the chaps and lines in your lips to give your lips an even surface. It works like a face primer would to cover up large pores, so to speak. Also, I feel a cool, plumping sensation when I apply it. It isn’t the burning, cinammon-infused plumping most plumpers give you, but it definitely made my lips fuller and more defined.

I tried both primers out with my Urban Decay Cremestick Liner in ‘Red Enriched’; a full-bodied, bold red liner that I use to fill in my lips and then add a red gloss overtop. It’s a bold look, and it’s very classic. With the Urban Decay, it definitely adhered to the wax and made my color stay, but it was harder to apply. The wax + the liner made it hard to precisely line my lips and was difficult and a bit messy. But it did prevent feathering, and it certainly made that liner stick like it was a stain all night long. With the Too Faced, the Cremestick Liner applied more smoothly than ever. My lips were so full and hydrated that I didn’t have a single problem with it, and I used my DuWop Reverse Lip Liner to take care of any feathering/smuding problems. It helped keep the color longer than it would have stayed on its own, but it didn’t make it last as long as the Urban Decay Lip Primer Potion. However, it kept my lips smooth, hydrated, and extremely full even after the night was over and I’d wiped away my liner/gloss. It stayed all the way through sleep until the morning, which my lips were very happy about.

Both are good lip primers. The Urban Decay will last you quite some time, and make your lip color last for a very, very long time. The Too Faced will give you rich, full, hydrated lips, but won’t make your color last as long as the Urban Decay. Personally, I’m using the Too Faced primer as a much-needed boost for my dry, chapped, often bleeding lips during the winter. But for going out dancing or on a date, I like having the certainty that my lip color will last through hours of eating, drinking, and whatever else. Using them both, though expensive ($39), will give you the perfect, holy grail lip.


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