MAC Disney Venomous Villains

It’s cruel to post this, I know. MAC pre-sold more than half of their Disney Venomous Villains collection, and sold out completely the day it came out. Why MAC would only sell a limited number of these items which millions of people want, I’ll never know. If they had more in stock and didn’t make it so ‘exclusive’, they could be making a massive fortune from this collection. Apparently, the people who run MAC are morons, even if they make wonderful products. Anyways, there are 4 different villain looks, each with its own unique style. My mother and I bought a number of the products, so I’ll go through and review each one. And yes, this collection is more expensive than MAC’s regular products!

Cruella De Vil: This was, by far, my favorite collection of the four. Definitely the most wearable colors! Her face is imprinted on all the makeup products, so you can show off which villain you’re wearing.

  • ‘Sweet Joy’ Eye Shadow’– a frosted, creamy pale gold. Frost-finish. Light, shimmery, and great as a bold highlighter or base color. The color was based off of Cruella’s signature white fur coat. ($15.50)
  • ‘De-Vil’ Eye Shadow– a rich, red copper. Veluxe Pearl-finish. It’s a fun color, and I really like the Veluxe Pearl-finish shadows. However, red-toned coppers paired with my pale skin and blonde hair make me look…washed out. Red-eyed and tired, if you will. I passed on this color, but it’s great for warmer skintones. Don’t believe the swatch on– it looks like an orange copper, but the true color is a real red copper. The color was based off of the lining of Cruella’s fur coat and her matching gloves. ($15.50)
  • ‘Carbon Eye’ Shadow– a matte black. Matte-finish, naturally. This is a staple color of MAC’s and not an LE shade, like the rest of them. But nonetheless, it’s different from the normal ‘Carbon’ Eye Shadow because Cruella’s face is on the lid. This color was based off of Cruella’s black dress. ($15.50)
  • ‘Rapidblack’ Penultimate Eye Liner– another signature product of MAC’s that is not LE. It’s a liquid pen-style liner that gives bold, thick strokes of color. Great for cat eyes! ($16.50)
  • ‘Innocence, Beware!’ Lipstick– my absolute favorite product of the whole Venomous Villains collection! Cremesheen-finish. This is a light yellow pink, and it’s the most darling color to ever exist. I’ve never been able to wear nude colors because, with my pale skin and blonde hair, it just washes me out and looks terrible. But this yellow-based pink worked with my golden undertones in my skin and looked natural and sweet. MAC better make this part of their normal lipstick collection! And it goes on so creamy, so it doesn’t highlight the cracks in my lips! There is no dupe for it, not anywhere. I asked a MAC expert to help me find a similar shade for when I run out, and she said the only thing close was a discontinued lipstick called ‘Plink!’. Not sure how this color was chosen, but Cruella does have pale skin, so that might have been it. ($15.50)
  • ‘Heartless’ Lipstick– a shimmery, cherry red. Amplified Creme-finish. It’s a great color, but cherry reds wash me out. I need a tomato red to work with my skintone, so I ended up passing on this. But a great color! And it applies smoothly, so no highlighting the cracks in your lips like a lot of MAC’s lipsticks do. I’d pair this with their ‘Cherry’ Lip Pencil for truly sexy, full cherry lips. This color was based off of Cruella’s signature red lips. ($15.50)
  • ‘Devilishly Stylish’ Lipglass– a light nude with gold pearl. Very much a nude gloss with very shiny, gold-tinted pearl in it. Pairs with the ‘Innocence, Beware!’ Lipstick. The two combined gives you a super nude, super shiny lip that looks supernatural. A very eye-catching duo. But all that nude and gold shine made my lips look too pale, so I passed on this. ($15.50)
  • ‘Wicked Ways’ Lipglass– a deep fuschia with gold pearl. Loved this color! I adore fuschia lip colors, and this one was amazing. The fuschia is really muted and looks more like a wine red, so this pairs with the ‘Heartless’ Lipstick. This is a semi-sheer gloss with serious color, so you could also wear this alone. I almost picked it up to pair with my ‘Red Enriched’ Cremestick Liner (for my Minnie Mouse Halloween costume) but decided to pass. A more sheer, shiny color would be best for my costume anyways. ($15.50)
  • ‘Darkly My Dear’ Powder Blush– a dirty brown plum color. Matte-finish, so apply with a light hand. Far too dark and bland for both my pale skin and my mother’s darker skin. Not a good color in my opinion, can’t imagine who would be able to wear such a dark, brown-based plum color. Not sure where this dark color came from, since Cruella is very pale and doesn’t wear a blush color. ($19.50)
  • ‘Her Own Devices’ Beauty Powder– a cool nude color. I really liked the Beauty Powders better than the blushes, just because they go on softer and you can build the color better. This is a decent warm color, good if you want to wear a blush rather than a bronzer for warmth in your cheeks. But I really love my ‘Melba’ Powder Blush better, and I wasn’t really impressed by this color. My mother, with her warmer skintone, didn’t like it either. I passed on this. Not sure where this color came from either, since Cruella is so darn pale. ($25.00)

The Evil Queen: A very vibrant, purple-toned collection. Better for darker skintones, but I was still fond of the colors.

  • ‘Her Alter Image’ Eye Shadow– a light violet. Veluxe Pearl-finish. In the pot, it looks almost identical to ‘Beautiful Iris’ Eye Shadow. However, ‘Beautiful Iris’ is a more true color violet shade, while ‘Her Alter Image’ is a super pale, very shimmery purple that almost looks white. I himmed and hawed about having to similar shades, but ended up keeping this shadow because it’s so darn pretty. Works as a highlighter for a purple smoky eye or even to dust over my darker purple shades to lighten them up. A lovely color that should be added to MAC’s regular collection. This color was based off of the Evil Queen’s signature light purple eyeshadow.($15.50)
  • ‘Vainglorious’ Eye Shadow– a bronze burgundy. Frost-finish. The swatch on is outrageously wrong! This is a true, deep burgundy purple. Shimmery and frosty, with less-than-smooth application. Very fun! I’m so sad MAC ran out of this color before I could buy it, I truly am. Would be great for any kind of purple eye combination. Hopefully they’ll make this shade part of their regular collection and have it replace that awful ‘Hepcat’ Eye Shadow MAC still sells for some reason. This color was based off of the Evil Queen’s burgundy rope sash she wears tied around her waist. ($15.50)
  • ‘Vile Violet’ Eye Shadow– a deep, dirty blue purple. Matte-finish. This was too dark and matte a color for me, so I passed on it. I’d rather combine two colors (‘Parfait Amour’ and ‘Creme de Violet’?) to get a similar color than have a single, dark, matte color on my eyes. This color was based off of the Evil Queen’s dark violet dress she wears. ($15.50)
  • ‘Universal’ Penultimate Brow Marker– a universal brown shade meant to darken and make your brows more vibrant. I understand that the classic villains all have highly arched, dramatic brows, but I’d never recommend this marker. You’re better off using a brow powder or pencil to shade, define, and dramaticize your brows. That way, you can build the color to your liking and make it look natural. This brow pen is a mess, and I don’t know why they included it in the collection. ($16.50)
  • ‘Toxic Tale’ Lipstick– I desperately wanted to wear this shade, but this intensely bright coral shade made me look like a clown. Best for darker skintones! Satin-finish. Goes on smoothly, but not as nice as the Cremesheen or Amplified Creme-finishes. What a coral color! So stunning, yet too much for pale skintones to wear. This color was based off of the poison the Evil Queen dips the apple in to. ($15.50)
  • ‘Sinister’ Lipstick– on the opposite end of the spectrum from ‘Toxic Tale’s’ bright coral shade, this is a soft brown plumb. Lustre-finish, so it goes on a little more sheer than expected and shines nicely. A very dark plum color, very classy. Reminds me of lipstick shades my mom used to wear in the 90s, though she was really too pale to wear them correctly. But I did like this. ($15.50)
  • ‘Strange Potion’ Lipglass– a soft coral pink. Made to be paired with the ‘Toxic Tale’ Lipstick to tone down the intense coral color of it. I personally pair this with the ‘Innocence, Beware!’ Lipstick to give just a hint of coral color over the pale pink lipstick. Looks sweet and stunning. MAC has no dupe for this LE shade, but a MAC expert told me that ‘Pink Lemonade’ Lipglass was as close as I could get. Hopefully this becomes a regular shade in the MAC collection. ($15.50)
  • ‘Hot House’ Lipglass– a deep raspberry with pink pearl. Meant to be paired with the ‘Sinister’ Lipstick to bring out the plum in it and mute the brown shade. A fun, semi-sheer color, but nothing I could ever wear. Better for darker skintones. ($15.50)
  • ‘Oh So Fair’ Beauty Powder– a clean pink with gold pearl. My favorite of the cheek colors! Such a pretty shade that works wonders on my pale skin, but looks a touch too pink on my mother’s warmer skintone. I like to layer this up and give myself a ‘just in from the snow’ or ‘slightly sunburned’ look to my cheeks to give myself some good pink coloring. Very flattering, and goes on so soft and smooth. A MAC expert told me a good dupe would be their ‘Tenderling’ Powder Blush, but the ‘Tenderling’ looks too nude and doesn’t have that touch of pink I want. Hopefully this becomes a regular shade and not just an LE one, ’cause I adore this. This color is based off of the color fo Snow White’s cheeks. ($25.00)
  • ‘Bite of an Apple’ Powder Blush– it’s described as a soft, coral pink, but this is a darker coral pink to me. Very much an apple color! I’d apply this with a light hand and build as you need, but it’s a true coral pink/red. Matte-finish, so it’s more vibrant and truly requires a lighter hand unless you want super dramatic cheeks. ($19.50)

Maleficent: Truly the most evil of the Disney villains, her collection is extremely dramatic. Lots of purple and red in this collection!

  • ‘My Dark Magic’ Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo– I don’t know if you’ve ever tried the Mineralize Eye Shadow Duos, but I’m no fan. They’re hard to deal with. Mineral shadows always are! This particular duo is 3/4 deep pink with pink pearl and 1/4 deep plum with purple pearl. Goes on so dark!! I mean, very dark and very glittery/shimmery. You can’t tell the pink from the purple with this shade unless you use a super light and fluffy brush to apply it. This is good if you want ultra dramatic eyes with a touch of purple. But to me, it was too much dark and not enough color. Where does all that pink disappear to? This color comes from Maleficent’s signature eyeshadow and her robes, which do have a touch of pink in the sleeves and at the hem. ($21)
  • ‘She Who Dares’ Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo– 3/4 deep navy with blue pearl, 1/4 deep forest green with lime green pearl. This color shows up better than the ‘My Dark Magic’ duo. Makes for a fun, dramatic eye, though I will say the blue looks like a bland dark color, but the green stand out very nicely. Still, not worth $21 to me unless you like to wear dramatic, glittery/shimmery smoky eyes. This color was based off of Maleficent’s skin, though I’m not wholly sure where the blue comes from. ($21).
  • ‘Violetta’ Lipstick– bright, clean violet purple. A darker violet, though. Amplified Creme-finish, so it has smooth application and won’t show those chaps in your lips. An extraordinarily bold color that I think would be stunning on very dark skintones (olive, black), but is too much for pale/warm/medium skintones. This color was based off of the inside lining of Maleficent’s robes. ($15.50)
  • ‘Dark Deed’ Lipstick– burgundy plum. Amplified Creme-finish, so more smooth application for you. A very classy color that looks like a plum red, and one I would even dare to wear with a good black dress. So stunning! Too bad MAC ran out of stock before I could get one. This color was based off of Maleficent’s signature lip color. ($15.50)
  • ‘Briar Rose’ Beauty Powder– soft violet pink with pink pearl. Very shimmery and a light violet/pink that is only good on darker skintones. Looks funny on pale skin. I only wanted this product because Maleficent looks like a badass on the compact lid! Based off of Aurora’s cheek color (Sleeping Beauty, for those of you who don’t know). ($25.00)
  • ‘Bad Fairy’ Nail Lacquer– red with multi-changing pearl. A semi-sheer, irridescent red shade. My mother went nuts and bought three of these, she liked it so much. But MAC is notorious for making great Nail Lacquer shades and then discontinuing them, so don’t get your hopes up about this becoming a part of the regular collection. Where did the red shade come from? I don’t really know, maybe from the fire her dragon form breathes? ($13.00)
  • ‘Formidable!’ Nail Lacquer– teal green with pink multi-changing pearl. Semi-sheer, looks more like dark purple with a hint of fabulous green. Fun and shiny, I liked this dark color best. Even though I don’t like spending $13.00 on nail polish, I did end up buying this shade. This color was based off of Maleficent’s green skin. ($13.00)
  • ‘Mean and Green’ Nail Lacquer– purple with teal multi-changing pearl. Semi-sheer, looks more like a purple with a hint of green glitter to it. Darker than ‘Formidable!’, but the shades aren’t that different. Kind of silly to make two shades that are almost identical! But this was more of a true dark purple than ‘Formidable!’, so I passed this one over. This color was based off of Maleficent’s green skin and purple robes. ($13.00)

Dr. Facilier: a bold Disney villain with true, dark voodoo colors. Interestingly, his name was supposed to be ‘Dr. Duvalier’, but there is a real voodoo witchdoctor in New Orleans with that name. Also, MAC wanted to include a male villain so men and women could feel free to wear this line. I wish they’d chosen Jafar instead! He’s a much more colorful male villain.

  • ‘Melon’ Pigment– this soft, bright, shimmery golden peach is actually a regular MAC shade and not an LE shade. The container with Dr. Facilier’s face on it, however, is LE. Frost-finish, so very shimmery and shiny. Pigments, by the way, are loose powders with true color, making them more vibrant than normal pressed eye shadows. A lovely color that isn’t true gold, but is golder than peach. Not sure where this color comes in to play, because there isn’t an ounce of gold or peach in Dr. Facilier’s costume. Maybe something to do with his voodoo magic? ($19.50)
  • ‘Brash and Bold’ Pigment– a bright, shimmery magenta. Frost-finish. This color is similar to a couple other of MAC’s magenta/fuschia pigments, so finding a dupe isn’t too hard. Very bright and bold! Not for the weak of heart, to be sure. This color is based off of the band of red around Dr. Facilier’s top hat and the sash/belt around his waist. ($19.50)
  • ‘Push the Edge’ Pigment– deep, shimmery bright purple with pearl. Frost-finish. For a dupe, you could mix the ‘Grape’ pigment overtop a darker purple shadow, or just go for a darker, shimmery purple eye shadow. Not too hard to copy this shade. Pretty bold, but I could use this as a crease color for a purple eye combination. This color is based off of Dr. Facilier’s purple vest, the purple feather in his hat, and the purple top of his cane. ($19.50)
  • ‘French Quarter’ Greasepaint Stick– dirty black green with multi-color pearl. This stick applies super smooth, super vibrant color on your eyes, and it ain’t for the weak of heart. It’s sparkly, shiny, and dramatic. This color, I’m pretty sure, is based off of Dr. Facilier’s pants and waitscoat color. But it’s a difficult color, so it’s hard to really tell. ($17.50)
  • ‘Slick Black’ Greasepaint Stick– a true black. Less sparkly and shimmery than the ‘French Quarter’, but still with a shine to it. A matte black color, this one is part of the regular collection and not an LE shade. There’s lots of black in Dr. Facilier’s outfit, so take your pick of where this shade came from. ($17.50)
  • ‘Black’ Zoom Fast Black Lash– a deepest black mascara, part of MAC’s regular collection. Not sure why this is the only villain with a mascara, but probably because Dr. Facilier has noticeable lashes. Honestly, I prefer my Dior lash primer and my NARS Volumizing Mascara because it does not fade, smear, clump, etc. and MAC has notoriously messy mascaras. I’d pass on this. ($14.00)
  • ‘Resort Life’ Lipgelee– an off white with pink pearl lip gloss. The lipgelees provide thicker, fuller lipgloss coverage. Hence the ‘gel’ in the lipgelee. This is a shiny, shimmery, but neutral gloss. Apparently they made all the colors in this particular collection unisex, even the lipgloss. I do like this color very much for an easy, on-the-go color that gives some life to my lips. Hope this becomes part of the regular collection! This color was not, to my knowledge, derived from a particular part of Dr. Facilier’s costume. Possibly from the white skull and crossbones on his top hat? ($15.5o)
  • ‘Truth and Light’ Magically Cool Liquid Powder– sheer shimmer that reflects silver and pink. I’ll eat my hat if this doesn’t become part of the regular MAC collection! This product was made specifically for the Disney Venomous Villains release, and MAC doesn’t sell anything like it. It looks like a loose powder with shimmer, but it’s made of 70% water, so it turns from powder to liquid once it touches your skin! It’ll dampen your brush and make your skin luminous, glowing, and moisturized. Utterly ingenious product, I must have more! Also, you get a lot of powder in this jar, so it should last you quite some time. ($29.50)
  • ‘Cajun’ Magically Cool Liquid Powder– sheer bronze that reflects gold. Same thing as ‘Truth and Light’, only made for darker skintones. Moisturizers, adds luminous shimmer, feels cool on your skin, and there’s a lot of bang for your buck. ($29.50)
  • ‘I’m So Vain’ Mirror– a compact mirror with one regular mirror and one magnifying mirror. Great for makeup checks. ($12.00)

So that’s it! That’s the entire collection. MAC is sure to make some of the shades part of their permanent collection, but not all. Don’t feel bad if you didn’t get to buy any of it, ’cause you had to know well in advance about it coming out to even pre-order and buy it. Hope you enjoyed the review!


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