Urban Decay Eyeshadows + Matte Eyeshadows

I was at Sephora, had some cash to burn, and decided to try the new ‘Vegan’ look from Urban Decay’s Vegan Pallete. They used a mix of ‘Minx’ and ‘Twice Baked’ Eyeshadows to create a stunning soft blue/dark brown shimmery look. I tried a few different shadows on as well, so I’m going to just go through and review what I tried on (a mix of regular and matte shadows). All of their Eyeshadows (including the Matte Eyeshadows) are $17.

Asphyxia– a “lavender with blue shift”. Reminds me a lot of MAC’s ‘Stars ‘N’ Rockets’ Eyeshadow. It’s a pretty lavender purple with a blue sheen that really catches the light and stands far apart from most shimmery shadows. No glitter in this one. Honestly, I much prefer ‘Stars ‘N’ Rockets’ (it’s my new fav shade, actually). You get uneven application with the UD shadow, it requires multiple applications to show up well, and it fades/smudges VERY easily if you aren’t using the UD Potion Primer. Really, the MAC shade is cheaper and much better quality.

Baked– a “rich bronze”, but I’d call it more of a medium/golden bronze. Very pretty! Sad to say that MAC doesn’t have a shade like this. You’d have to mix MAC ‘Woodwinked’ Eyeshadow with another shade to get the same color. Staying power is eh, but worth using a primer and setting so it stays.

Half Baked– “subtle, lustrious bronze”, but it’s a light, golden bronze to me. Another stunning shade that goes with the ‘Baked’ shadow. Staying power is eh, but again, worth the primer and trouble of setting it. Another shade MAC doesn’t exactly have, which makes me sad…

Midnight Cowboy– “pink champagne with loads of silver glitter”. That pretty much describes it. A pretty shade with too much glitter, I’m afraid. Lots and lots of fallout with this shadow. And this is UD’s best-selling shade! You can easily find a dupe for this with less glitter: UD Stardust Eyeshadow, the UD Cream Shadow, and even tokidoki sells a matching shade with less glitter. I mention all three in previous posts, so just search ‘Midnight Cowboy’ to find them. Anyways, this is a light shade that concentrates on the glitter, so you don’t have to worry about uneven application or poor pigmentation. Just make sure you use a primer and setter to set that glitter! MAC sells lots of neutral shades that can match this (sans glitter).

Midnight Cowboy Rides Again– exactly like ‘Midnight Cowboy’, but a golden beige shade with a mix of bronze, gold, and silver glitter. Another pretty shade that would be perfect if the glitter would just stay put! So much glitter in this, it’s almost too much. I’m not a big fan. Anyways, the color is light enough that you don’t have to worry about the poor pigmentation or uneven application. Just worry about that glitter. Another shade you can most likely find a neutral dupe for at MAC without the hastle of the glitter.

Minx– the original color I wanted to try. A “blue-green shift with glitter”, it’s a very pretty blue-green with an emphasis on the blue. Unfortunately, I found the glitter to be too chunky and ended up trying one of the UD Matte Eyeshadows as a dupe. Also, this is a pretty pigmented color, so the uneven application and easy fading/smudging made using this a serious pain. Why aren’t these as quality as MAC??? They’re even more expensive!!!

Twice Baked– “brownie shimmer”. A rich, dark brown with shimmer that I love. Unfortunately, the fading/smuding with this was unbelievable. I used my finger to try and blend a spot of too-dark shadow on my lids and ended up wiping all of it away! I don’t even have oily lids, not by a long shot. Sure, I didn’t use a primer, but I shouldn’t need a primer just to keep it on my lids for 5 MINUTES! Fortunately, MAC makes a dupe called ‘Twinks’ that works just as well.

ABC Gum– this is a Matte Eyeshadow, and it’s a pale peach. Application is uneven and extremely light, so it takes multiple applications for this to show. And then it ends up looking cakey because you used too much! I prefer MAC’s neutral shadows that give a more natural, flattering look without the uneven application. Their range of peach colors is impressive.

Foxy– another Matte Eyeshadow. Supposed to be a ‘light neutral’, I found this shadow is best used to set the eye and brighten it. It’s a good light, neutral shade but I prefer my MAC Paintpot in ‘Painterly’ as a base and use MAC ‘Vanilla’ Eyeshadow as a highlighter (almost the same exact shade). Though decent, I’d still go with the cheaper and better MAC.

Naked– a beautiful Matte Eyeshadow that’s really just a soft, neutral brown. For stunning is-she-wearing-makeup? eyes, use this color in the crease and a light, neutral shadow over your eye or simply a nude base. I do like this one, though it hardly shows up. Another problem with pigmentation!!

Narcotic– my Matte Eyeshadow I used as a dupe for ‘Minx’. Almost the exact same shade, only minus the glitter and a touch less green. Stunning color, but what a pain to use! Extremely poor pigmentation, so bad that I need to apply it three or four times on each eye to make it stand out and stay. Smudge/faded too easily, worse than the ‘Minx’ Eyeshadow. I want to love this, but I can’t. I’d rather find a pale blue or green dupe from MAC, which isn’t easy, but it’d be worth it.

Perversion– a matte, black shade that a fellow makeup fanatic told me worked better than MAC’s ‘Carbon’ Eyeshadow. Well, it does work well, and it certainly lasts longer than the other UD shadows I’ve been using, but MAC’s ‘Carbon’ was still the best matte black on the market. I need multiple applications to get a good, thin line of black to use for my smokey eye. And the black faded after a couple hours, which didn’t look awful, but it certainly didn’t look great after a night out in Las Vegas. I’ll stick to MAC, thanks.

In the end…super disappointed! $17 per shadow, yet MAC’s $14.50 per shadows were far, far superior to these. So many problems with smudging, fading, pigmentation, and application that I felt these were just expensive drug store shadows. Why, Urban Decay, why? So many beautiful colors I want to use! I will keep my ‘Half Baked’ and ‘Baked’, but the rest are being returned pronto!


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