MAC Eyeshadow in ‘Satin Taupe’

I was really trying to make a sultry brown eyeshadow combination, and I ended up getting ‘Satin Taupe’ in my mini eyeshadow haul from MAC. This is a frost-finish, which in my opinion looks/applies better than the veluxe-pearl finishes while both have that shimmery and light-reflective look to them. This color is descriped as ‘taupe with silver shimmer’, but I think that’s rather vague because taupe has a range of colors. The swatch on is just a hint too dark, but it’s almost right.

This color really has a red-brown tinge to it. Not your average taupe color, but still very pretty. I’ve been pairing it with my MAC ‘Woodwinked’ Eyeshadow and the pair work well, though I think now that ‘Woodwinked’ would go best with a less red-tinted brown. This color almost reminds me of ‘Saddle’, which was a peachy/red brown. You’ll find that Urban Decay has an EXACTLY similar shade called ‘Roach’ in their classic Eyeshadows. Of course, MAC is cheaper and better quality, so stick to ‘Satin Taupe’ rather than ‘Roach’.

A great color, no doubt. A best-seller in fact! You can mix and match this color with nearly any of MAC’s browns and golds and get a winning combination. I just think calling it ‘Satin Taupe’ is a bit misleading.


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