MAC Eyeshadow in ‘Freshwater’

Believe it or not, made a correct online swatch color for once. ‘Freshwater’ is a veluxe-pearl-finish and is described as a “bright summer blue”. This shade is a bit confusing because it looks dark in the pan/pot, but appears as a medium-blue when you apply it. Because it’s a veluxe-pearl (I’m slowly discovering the difference between all the finishes) the application isn’t 100% even and the pigmentation is lighter than expected. This takes a bit of patience to blend  to make sure all is even.

With a light hand, you can use this as a medium, shimmery blue. But you can also make this work as a darker blue crease color. I like pairing this with my ‘Sky Blue’ Eyeshadow (limited edition, pick it up before it goes away!) for a simple fun look. But this color also pairs well with greens and purples. You can seriously make a variety of eye combinations using this shade, it really goes well with a lot of other green/purple/blue colors. Worth buying and keeping around, you’ll end up using it more than you expect.


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