Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Balms

So summer is finally disappearing here in lousy Reno, NV, and I can tell by the way my lips and hands are suddenly cracking and bleeding. Last year, I had a helluva’ time finding a decent hand moisturizer and lip balm, so this year I decided to start early on my search. Buxom (from Bare Escentuals) has always had quality lip products, so I turned there.

The Big and Healthy Lip Balms ($15) are medium-sized pots of lip balm in a nice, sturdy screw-top package. You won’t have to worry about the top coming off and destroying the inside of your purse. The Balms come in 5 different colors, and I’ll just review those individually. But, in general, they all have a nice, smooth application and the classic plumping/breath freshening benefits as the regular Buxom lip glosses.

St. Barth- a medium lilac-tinted balm that almost looks scary. But the color goes on sheer enough that you only get a light wash of lilac color on your lips. Definitely for dark skintones! I’d never dream of using this one with my very pale skin.

Waikiki– a bright pink with a touch of peach. A very pretty color that I imagine all skintones can wear. The color with this is sheer, but you still get a touch of color (like with St. Barth). I was very fond of this color.

Copacabana– a nude glow. I actually ended up buying this one because it’s so versatile! The color is very sheer, but it evens out the color of my lips and just gives me a nice glow. You won’t get a wet-looking lip with these glosses, they go on creamy. I like to use it over my MAC lip liners because the liners give me dry lips, and the Copacabana moisturizes and softens my lips and the color.

Bora Bora– a cherry red. The color payoff on this was better than the others, and it’s not a super bright cherry. More of a regular cherry color, but still classy and pretty. Another color good for any skintone.

Portofino– a plumb wine. This is another shade, like the Copacabana, that seems versatile to me. It gives you a sheer wash of dark color that you can use to even out the bright, chapped color of your lips. (I’m thinking in terms of winter months here). Another color I liked, and one suitable for even paler skintones.

So far, St. Barth is the only color that isn’t for all skintones. The colors are sheer, but have some payoff. I’d DEFINITELY recommend this if you use the Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Stick. Those sticks have cute colors, but end up highlighting the chaps and cracks in your lips. Wiping one of the Big and Healthy Lip Balms overtop gives you fuller, softer looking lips. This has my seal of approval, especially for winter! These make my lips feel fabulous and soothes the burn and ache I feel in them in this desert air.


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