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MAC Eyeshadow in ‘Woodwinked’

Posted in Health and Beauty on September 15, 2010 by sbulletforever

Mm, words cannot describe how much I love this eyeshadow. MAC definitely came up with a unique, winning creation with this color. Another one of their best-sellers, and it’s no wonder why. The swatch online is almost correct, but I’ll tell you that this color looks misleading in the pot/pan. What looks like a dark golden bronze is in fact a stunning gold with a touch of bronze. This veluxe-pearl-finish really wears more like a frost finish! More shimmer and frostiness and light-reflecting qualities to this than you would expect.

I adore this stunning color, really. For a true *POP*, use this color over the ‘Indianwood’ Paint Pot to bring out the ultimate gold shade in it. And I’d use a darker brown color in the crease. Though I’ve been using MAC ‘Satin Taupe’ Eyeshadow, the color is too light and a touch too red to be perfect. I’d try and stick with a crease color that also has some shimmer to it- using a matte shadow wouldn’t look right. Try MAC ‘Bronze’ Eyeshadow, which appears to be more brown than anything else. You don’t want to mix this color with anything brassy!


MAC Eyeshadow in ‘Satin Taupe’

Posted in Health and Beauty on September 15, 2010 by sbulletforever

I was really trying to make a sultry brown eyeshadow combination, and I ended up getting ‘Satin Taupe’ in my mini eyeshadow haul from MAC. This is a frost-finish, which in my opinion looks/applies better than the veluxe-pearl finishes while both have that shimmery and light-reflective look to them. This color is descriped as ‘taupe with silver shimmer’, but I think that’s rather vague because taupe has a range of colors. The swatch on is just a hint too dark, but it’s almost right.

This color really has a red-brown tinge to it. Not your average taupe color, but still very pretty. I’ve been pairing it with my MAC ‘Woodwinked’ Eyeshadow and the pair work well, though I think now that ‘Woodwinked’ would go best with a less red-tinted brown. This color almost reminds me of ‘Saddle’, which was a peachy/red brown. You’ll find that Urban Decay has an EXACTLY similar shade called ‘Roach’ in their classic Eyeshadows. Of course, MAC is cheaper and better quality, so stick to ‘Satin Taupe’ rather than ‘Roach’.

A great color, no doubt. A best-seller in fact! You can mix and match this color with nearly any of MAC’s browns and golds and get a winning combination. I just think calling it ‘Satin Taupe’ is a bit misleading.

MAC Eyeshadow in ‘Freshwater’

Posted in Health and Beauty on September 15, 2010 by sbulletforever

Believe it or not, made a correct online swatch color for once. ‘Freshwater’ is a veluxe-pearl-finish and is described as a “bright summer blue”. This shade is a bit confusing because it looks dark in the pan/pot, but appears as a medium-blue when you apply it. Because it’s a veluxe-pearl (I’m slowly discovering the difference between all the finishes) the application isn’t 100% even and the pigmentation is lighter than expected. This takes a bit of patience to blend  to make sure all is even.

With a light hand, you can use this as a medium, shimmery blue. But you can also make this work as a darker blue crease color. I like pairing this with my ‘Sky Blue’ Eyeshadow (limited edition, pick it up before it goes away!) for a simple fun look. But this color also pairs well with greens and purples. You can seriously make a variety of eye combinations using this shade, it really goes well with a lot of other green/purple/blue colors. Worth buying and keeping around, you’ll end up using it more than you expect.

MAC Eyeshadow in ‘Steamy’

Posted in Health and Beauty on September 15, 2010 by sbulletforever

I recieved this color in a makeup swap off of If you have used makeup or items you want to trade for other makeup/clothing/skincare/etc. items, go check it out. Anyways, my eyeshadow broke in the mail (she didn’t wrap it properly in bubble wrap!) and now it’s more of a half shadow/half pigment. But I did really want this shade because I’d heard it makes a great crease color for a green smokey eye.

This is a frost-finish shadow, so it’s got some shimmer and light-catching properties to it. Application is fairly even and easy, but always be careful with dark shadows. The swatch on is far, far too dark! MAC calls this a “bluish-green with gold pearl”, but the swatch looks like a dirty moss color. Ick. Anyways, that’s really not the case. This color is what I would describe as a unique blend of an emerald green, a touch of blue, and gold shimmer. Very stunning, though it might sound strange.

I like this very much as a gentle crease color when wearing green, or as a touch in my crease over a medium/dark blue color. This really pops when I use my MAC ‘Newly Minted’ Eyeshadow (a limited-edition shade, I’m afraid). But it’s a great color regardless, and one of the few green shades MAC has to offer. Why so few greens, my dear MAC?

MAC Eyeshadow in ‘Vanilla’

Posted in Health and Beauty on September 15, 2010 by sbulletforever

This is, without a doubt, one of MAC’s best-selling shades. It’s a velvet-finish shadow described as a “peachy-ivory with reflects”. I’m not sure what ‘reflects’ are, but this isn’t a shimmery/glitter/flashy shade by any means. It’s a couple shades lighter than the swatch on, as always, so beware those silly online swatches. I’m starting to notice very little difference between the velvet, satin, and matte-squared finishes! All feel soft, apply easily, and stay well.

This shadow is a multi-tasker. I use it as a highlighter for my eyes, though you can use this anywhere on your face or body! Such a stunning, natural shade that really stands out under the brows or by the corner of your eye. I also use it to cover up mistakes if I use too much of a dark color and can’t get it to blend out. The ‘Vanilla’ softens it without adding another noticeable color to the mix. My savior for making a smokey eye! I can’t live without this shade, honestly.

MAC Eyeshadow in ‘Brule’

Posted in Health and Beauty on September 15, 2010 by sbulletforever

My mother got this shadow in a palette, recommended by one of the lovely MAC employees at the Summit Sierra. It’s described as a ‘soft creamy beige’, though naturally the swatch on is a shade darker than it is in real life. This satin-finish shadow works fabulous as a base color! My mother uses it daily, and it blends in perfectly with her medium skintone. (Also, as a reminder, all MAC shadows are $14.50)

On my paler, light-medium skintone (emphasis on the light), this stands out more, but it’s still a pretty, neutral shadow. I like pairing this with purple shades because the creamy beige just really emphasises the purple and the colors really harmonize. A staple color, whether you’re pale or tanned!

MAC Eyeshadow in ‘Blanc Type’

Posted in Health and Beauty on September 15, 2010 by sbulletforever

I was browsing for a highlighter, or maybe a neutral base, and tried this. It’s a matte squared-finish, so it’s very soft and matte. Application is extremely easy and pigmentation is beautiful with this! It’s described as a “creamy beige” on the MAC website, but I’ll tell you now that the swatch on is darker than it is in real life. As a highlighter, it was a shade too white to look natural. As a base, it was slightly off and just didn’t look right on my pale skin.

‘Vanilla’ turned out to be a better highlighter and my ‘Painterly’ Paint Pot was a better base. I wouldn’t recommend using this color as a base, but it would be stunning for a pin-up highlighter on the brows and even on above the cheek bone. However, this isn’t a color I’d keep in my collection because, honestly, when would you use it? It just doesn’t look quite natural enough as a highlighter or a base color, but it’s too neutral to use it as anything else. This shade confuses me… Not one of my favorites.