MAC Technakohl Liner in ‘Graphblack’

I really haven’t found any decent black eyeliners shopping at Ulta and Sephora. The best I got was using Urban Decay’s Matte Eye Shadow in ‘Perversion’ as a liner, their Deluxe Eye Shadow in ‘Zero’, and their Ink For Eyes in ‘Zero’. Though more decent than anything else I’ve come across, they just didn’t give me what I wanted. The shadows smudged, the creamy Ink For Eyes was messy, and nothing looked really pigmented. Now that I’m finally into MAC products, I decided to look their for a good black liner.

One of the girls working at MAC said the Technakohl liners were the best, so I got it in ‘Graphblack’ ($14.50). The Technakohls work like a mechanical pencil, so they stay sharp and you get a nice, thin tip for application. It goes on very smoothly and highly pigmented, even on my waterlines!

Unfortunately, this is ONLY good on the upper waterline. This color loves to smudge, and it won’t disappear. Getting it off with a makeup remover is a nightmare! It takes me a couple days to get it totally off my eyes, it’s so intense. On the upper waterline, it stays vibrant and makes my eyes look brighter and naturally beautiful. But on the lower waterline, it smudges insanely. And it isn’t any better on my lashlines.

I’m becoming a MAC fanatic, but this is a liner I’d pass on unless you just want a quick, pick-me-up liner for your upper lash line. Too bad, it’s so nice and easy to use!


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