MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil in ‘So There Jade’

It surprises no one that the swatch for ‘So There Jade’ is wrong. The light green jade shows up as a bright grey on the swatch, which is totally wrong. It’s actually a very soft, light green jade with sparkle/shimmer to it. $14.50 for .04 ounces, which is totally acceptable for a good eyeliner.

I tried paring this with ‘Aquadisiac’ eyeshadow, but the two blended together and ‘So There Jade’ didn’t show up at all. It’s best to just use this color with a light, neutral shadow! It’s such a gentle, pretty jade color that it simply won’t pair well with other greens. Besides, you want the color to stand out and be the main focus of your eyes.

The Powerpoint Eye Pencils are not meant for the upper/lower lash lines. ‘So There Jade’ had a fight with my eyelashes and left dark crumbly spots where the two met. And this did not remotely show up on that little shelf of skin above my lower lash line, which is important to me. And this particular color is so gentle and light if you just use it as a regular eyeliner that it’s hard to notice. So I found that this works best as a shadow! It goes on so incredibly smooth and even on my eyes that it’s really easy to just apply it all the way to your crease line! And, best of all, the shimmer in this isn’t too much, so it just adds a bit of contrast to the liner.

My favorite thing about this eye pencil is that it lasts all day without budging an inch, even without a primer. No creasing or smearing even on my naked eyelid! And the soft green color truly looks enchanting, very pretty and feminine. I even add a little black liner just on my lash line to add open my eyes up a bit and it looks even better. But, like I said, ‘So There Jade’ is a really soft color, so it won’t stand out a lot on your eyes. But I’d say definitely worth it!!


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