MAC Lipstick in ‘Hue’

It’s rare that I wear lipstick, unless it’s a special occasion, but I really want to try a good lipstick/lipgloss duo for an every day look. So, since I bought the Dazzleglass, I figured I’d go ahead and try one of their lipsticks as well.

I tried wearing a MAC lipstick a long time ago and hated it. I can’t even remember the name of the color, and I threw it away because I hated it so much, and whatever color it was, they don’t make it anymore. All I remember is that it was a frost-finish lipstick in a super light pink color, and it was horrible. Made my lips look dry, washed out, and absolute horrible! So I totally ignored all the frost-finish lipsticks (and I think I always will) and went for a glaze-finish. The girl helping me out at MAC hooked me up with the color ‘Hue’. She said it was a neutral shade with a touch of pink that would be fabulous on my lips, and that it would look even better if I used my Dazzleglass in ‘Moth to Flame’ (totally sheer) overtop.

If you look at the ‘Hue’ swatch on, you’ll see that it looks like a very soft, pale pink. On the website, it looks ideal! I love light nude, neutral shades since my lips are naturally a dark pink. My mother has lighter pink lips, so lipsticks and glosses always look different on us. In any case, I found the swatch to not true to its color. In the tube, it looks more like a light coral/brown with a touch of pink, and that’s a color I would have normally passed over. But since I bought it, I figured I’d try it before returning it.

It’s a really interesting shade, but I’m not sure if I like it yet. It definitely is a pink-tinted nude. And it’s only slightly lighter than my natural dark pink lips. In fact, it just makes my lips look a little bit pinker. Not a noticeable shade of lipstick, which I’m not used to. I was hoping for it to be an even lighter nude to help my lips and my face look brighter. Aside from the color, I liked the glaze-finish to it. It went on my lips mostly smoothly and made them feel a little moisturized and soft. My lips are super chapped all the time (since I live out in the f*#$&%* desert), but this lipstick didn’t highlight every crack. It did highlight some of the large chaps a little bit, but it wasn’t horrible or super noticeable or anything. WAY better than that damned frost-finish lipstick that put every imperfection on my lips on display. The lipstick has great staying power! It did smudge a tiny bit on application- I’d recommend a lip pencil.

I tried using the Dazzleglass in ‘Moth to Flame’ over it. It actually looked quite sweet since the sheer gloss has all that pearl in it, which caught the light and made my lips look more pink and light. But the gloss only lasts for an hour or so, and then my lips go back to normal. Left the pearl on my lips after it faded so my lipstick looked very sparkly, which wasn’t so bad. I also tried using my tokidoki Prisma Gloss in ‘Donutella’ on it. ‘Donutella’ is a nude, shimmer-free gloss, so it brought out more of the brown/neutral shade of the lipstick. It’s got a super high shine and lasts for hours (also moisturizes your lips like a dream), so it worked perfectly.

For those who like neutral lipsticks, this is a great shade! I know people who swear by this single shade of MAC lipstick. Using the Prisma Gloss overtop gave it a real kick without taking away/adding any color- just added some serious shine and made my lips look healthier. Personally, I prefer lighter colors and will end up returning this for a different shade.


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