Clarisonic = Life, Love, and Happiness

I always dread winter. My hands crack and bleed, my skin dries out and turns Snow White pale, and I just generally look like death until the summer. And lately, my complexion has looked especially dull and spotty. I was seriously considering getting a nice facial until my boyfriend lended me his Clarisonic brush. He gave me the extra brush head he had and told me to give it a try- he never uses it.

It’s a handheld brush that it super easy to use. You put it on a charger to charge, then you put you brush head on and press the only button on the handle to turn it on. You can hear and feel the sonic vibrations pulse through the brush, and it’s intense.

So I put some soap on my face, got the brush a little wet, and went to work. My face and chest have been breaking out recently as well, so I thought I’d see what it could do for my breakouts and dull skintone. I saw a difference on my FIRST USE! The dead, dull skin on my face looked polished and smooth and I couldn’t believe how well the brush had worked. I’ve only used it a couple more days since then (twice a day), and I can’t imagine life without it.

The sonic vibrations help make your soap work harder and helps stimulate your skin cells. You can pretty much be guaranteed healthier, brighter, clearer skin in two weeks or less. It’s ingenius! My chest is already clearing up for summertime and I just bought a new bikini that I want to look amazing in.

Don’t settle for a washcloth! Clarisonic will change your skin and make you feel like a million bucks. Sure, it’s pricy ($150-200), but it’s a great investment. Worry less about scheduling facials and buying emergency products for days and weeks when you don’t look your best. It’s great for oily AND dry skin, dull skin, young and old skin, and everything in between.┬áThis brush will replace those extra expenses and give you long-term results.


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  1. Thank you so much for the mention. Glad to hear you are seeing such immediate results. If you have a second share your review on our website too in the Ratings and Reviews section. And if you ever have questions we are here to help. Follow us on Twitter @Clarisonic or email us Cheers!

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