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DuWop Venom Gloss

Posted in Health and Beauty on January 27, 2010 by sbulletforever

DuWop is well known for its lip plumping products- they sell everything from primers to plumpers to plumping lip glosses- and for its quality eye/face products. I decided to try out the Venom Gloss, which is a “vibrant color…spiked with a wicked tingle and a delicious shine. Each of these lip plumping glosses are enriched with a secret blend of essential oils that leave lips soft, full, and extremely kissable.” Here’s my take:

I tried “Lantana”, which is a sheer hot pink. The gloss is definitely a plumper, but it won’t give you Angelina Jolie lips. (Fusion Beauty makes lip plumpers that WILL give you that kind of plump.) It makes y0ur lips look a little pouty and fuller than normal, which is VERY flattering. The Venom Gloss has a high shine, but the gloss itself isn’t thick and sticky. It actually feels light and moisturizing. The color is sheer but noticeable- I like using the hot pink color when I’m wearing green eyeshadow to give a sweet contrast. This color of gloss does not contain shimmer or glitter, but they do sell other colors that do.

Venom Gloss will make your lips tingle, though it’s a light tingle that I don’t even notice anymore. Your lips will taste like cinammon (that’s one of the main ingredients in the plumper) and it will freshen your breath.

The only problem I have with this gloss it that it loves to pour out of the tube. I end up getting too much on my lips and have to wipe the top of the tube off a couple of times until it ‘settles down’. You end up waisting some of the gloss, and the tube isn’t very big. If I use this every day, which I have been for the past week or so, it should only last me a couple months. But the price isn’t so bad ($18 at Sephora) so you won’t break your bank if you have to replace it.


Bobbi Brown Corrector and Concealer

Posted in Health and Beauty on January 25, 2010 by sbulletforever

I’ve heard amazing things about Bobbi Brown cosmetics, especially their concealers. It’s supposed to be quality stuff, easy to use, and ranks above MAC and MAKEUP FOREVER. But it’s expensive. Lucky for me, I had a giftcard and had just enough to get myself the corrector and concealer. I’ve been hunting for the perfect under eye concealer, and Bobbi Brown concealer tops Cosmopolitan’s list. How can Cosmo go wrong?

I paid about $58 for the corrector and concealer (which also has a finishing powder), and the sizes aren’t very big. The corrector is SO tiny!

Now, if you’re wondering, a corrector goes on under concealer to reduce redness and puffiness. The concealer covers any darkness. You just use a small concealer brush to apply them and then finish it off by applying a little finishing powder over top. The corrector is a pink-tinted concealer and the concealer itself is more yellow (to match your skintone). Afterwards, you use the tiny powder puff (that comes with the concealer) and you use it to apply the yellow-tinted finishing powder that helps it blend into your skin.

You have to apply a little bit of eye cream to your eye and let it dry before you put the corrector on. Otherwise, the corrector will sink into dry skin and cake up. I usually only have that problem on the inside corner of my eye. It blends in smoothly, and you should be sure to apply some both under the eye and up along the side of your nose to make your eyes look bigger and brighter. The concealer goes right on overtop, providing a finish that’s close to your skintone. Remember to keep blending if it doesn’t look quite right. Then apply a little bit of powder over your entire eye to create a natural finish.

To be honest, I’m not as thrilled as I was hoping to be. The sizes are very tiny considering the price. And despite all the promises that this would NEVER cake and that it would blend flawlessly, I get cakiness in the corner of my eye that won’t go away and I still have very light grey circles. Also, I’m having some major issues with the finishing powder. The powder, which is loose, overflows through the top and gets everywhere. I end up wasting a ton of powder and have a yellow mess on my bathroom counters and on my shirt.

I don’t know any correctors/concealers that work better, because this does do a good job of covering up, but I’d rather find something that REALLY works for that price.

Too Faced’s New Eyeshadow Duos

Posted in Health and Beauty on January 23, 2010 by sbulletforever

I’ve always been a fan of Too Faced Eyeshadow Duos- it’s a compact with two complimenting colors that you can either use for your base and crease or swirl together to make a new color. The shadows are always soft, smooth, and easy to apply. The colors are bright without being super pigmented so it looks more natural and subtle. The Duos come in 20 different shades (four of them are brand new), and I wish to hell that I could buy them all. But today I’m just reviewing the four new eyeshadows they came out with.

The four different shadows might look familiar to you if you have the Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection. The colors only came in that kit at first (which shows you how to have a daytime eye, a classic eye, and a nighttime eye), but the kit sold so well that Too Faced finally came out with the shadows on their own. If you get the chance, buy that stupid kit. It contains 9 different shadows (3 of which are full-sized), two brushes, and three different cards that show you how to do different natural eye looks.

Heaven/Teddy Bear is a very matte duo with no shimmer or sparkles to it. This is a shadow for the daytime and the office. It’s very vibrant (much more so than the regular Duos) and requires a lighter hand for application. Heaven is an ivory shade and Teddy Bear is a dark taupe: you can either use Heaven as an all-over base and use Teddy Bear in the crease (which will make the brown shade lighter) or you can use Heaven on your lower lid and use Teddy Bear in the crease (which is more vibrant and smoky). Yes, you CAN make an office-appropriate smoky eye with this! How outstanding is that?

Peach Fuzz/Sexpresso is what I would consider an innocent and sexy shade. Peach Fuzz is a very sheer peachy shade with lots of shimmer in it. Don’t worry- you won’t get any glitter fallout with this. But I will say that the shimmer is more noticeable than the actual peach shade in Peach Fuzz. Sexpresso is a matte deep brown (no shimmer) that adds outstanding contrast. It’s a very light, VERY shimmery peach with a matte brown that is much, much deeper. It looks sweet and sexy. Remember, these new Duos are more vibrant than the normal Duos, so you need a lighter hand when you apply these.

Honey Pot/Cocoa Puff is a bright and exotic mix. Honey Pot is a warm, golden shimmer and Cocoa Puff is a warm, chocolate shimmer. These are SO sexy! They add brightness to your eyes (especially with all that shimmer to catch light) and really steal the show. This Duo + a little bronzer + a neutral lip makes you look like a bronze goddess.

Silk Teddy/Erotica is a more intense version of Peach Fuzz/Sexpresso. Silk Teddy is a dark peachy champagne (literally looks like silk) and Erotica is a rich chocolate (lighter than Sexpresso).  Silk Teddy is much more shimmery and frosted than the other light shades in this collection, so use a light hand with it.

All four shades are delicious and sexy, and you can find a use for them anywhere. Office, party, bedroom- they work wonders. I can’t get enough of Too Faced’s Eyeshadow Duos! If you’re looking for a great deal, get the Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection that contains all four shade (plus 5 more) for $34. I like having the full-sized duos to play with, but the kit is amazing. One of Too Faced’s best sellers!

Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Liner

Posted in Health and Beauty on January 22, 2010 by sbulletforever

I received the Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner as a gift from my grandmother, along with the Smashbox lining brush (that comes separately). It’s supposedly a “waterproof, smudge-proof eye liner” that glides smoothly onto your eye but dries quickly. This liner is one of Smashbox’s best sellers and it comes in five different colors (I tried the Midnight Black shade). Here’s my take:

It comes in a very small pot, but this liner will last you forever. It’s really very easy to use a liner brush to get the product out, so you won’t end up wasting any of it. The consistancy of the liner is very thick and smooth, and the color is incredibly vibrant and gorgeous. It doesn’t smudge and it dries quickly so you don’t have any black marks on your eyelids from it. And yes, it is waterproof. I have to really scrub my eyes with makeup remover it get it off.

My complaint with this liner is that it dries out. The smooth, creamy liner eventually becomes a dry and flaky one. You then have to wet the brush down to get it out of the pot and onto your eyes. Then the color becomes less of a vibrant, icy black and more of a greyish black because of the dryness. And, after it’s been on your eyes for a while, it flakes off.

It breaks my heart to say that this liner is no good. Even if you keep the pot in a cool, dark place and keep the lid screwed on very tightly, it is still going to dry out after about a month. I love the initial look of it- creamy, vibrant, and so easy to apply. No smudging, no creasing. If Smashbox could just work the kinks out of it, I’d love to buy this again.

Tarte FRXtion Lip Treatment

Posted in Health and Beauty on January 18, 2010 by sbulletforever

I’m usually very weary of Tarte products. They claim to be organic and great for your skin, but I find their products cause breakouts and are rather cheaply made. But I’m still on the lookout for a lip treatment to cure my raggedly chapped lips, so I decided to try the FRXtion lip treatment. Here’s my take:

It comes in a lipstick tube with a small mirror attached to the side (it flips open when you take the cap off). The lip treatment itself is a dual treatment: one side there is a brown sugar scrub and on the other side is a vanilla lip balm. You’re supposed to scrub the hell out of your lips with the scrub, wipe it off, and then apply the lip balm.

The scrub side takes a while to break in. The sugar crystals are all smoothly blended together, so the first time you use it you have to really scrub your lips for a long time before the sugar starts coming off. Then the crystals start to break free and are much easier to rub on your lips. They are some serious little sugar crystals- I scrubbed my lips raw and got tons of dead, flaking skin off my lips. (Gross, I know!) And it tastes like natural sugar, so I just lick my lips when I’m done using the scrub and get that sweet taste in my mouth.

The vanilla lip balm is very subtle and very soft. It isn’t gunky or gross- it just smooths over your lips and gives it a nice, moisturized shine. The vanilla scent/taste is very light and won’t irritate your freshly-scrubbed lips. It certainly helps to cool and soothe your lips after you’re done scrubbing them, taking away some of the redness.

This treatment is wonderful! My only complaint is that you have to be careful with how far you bring the lip treatment out of the tube. My first one that I bought completely snapped off the base of the lipstick and disappeared down a sink drain (Sephora gave me a new one for free). So just bring the treatment up a little and use the tip instead of the middle first. This is really amazing for getting the dead skin off of chapped lips and making them softer. I was literally peeling during breakfast this morning and looked like my lips had shriveled and burned in the sun. I got home, scrubbed my lips until they hurt, threw on a coating of the balm, and let my lips rest. It’s been a few hours and my lips are MUCH better. They’re half healed!

I keep this as a staple in my makeup kit now. My mother has tried to steal it from me a few times and her lips aren’t even chapped. This is FANTASTIC to use before applying lipstick/lipgloss because it preps your lips and moisturizes them so that your lip color ends up being more vibrant and doesn’t get caught in the cracks of your lips. A MUST FOR WINTER WEATHER.

Smashbox Lip Treatment SPF 15

Posted in Health and Beauty on January 15, 2010 by sbulletforever

My lips are eternally dry. It’s like a curse or something. Anyways, I’m always searching for a good lip treatment to keep my poor lips moisturized and soft. I tried out Smashbox’s Lip Treatment SPF 15,  and here’s what I thought:

The lip treatment comes in a lipstick tube and behaves like your average lipstick. There are two kinds of the lip treatment: tinted and untinted. Personally, I don’t find either of the tinted colors to be flattering at all. The untinted is honey-colored and goes on completely colorless, leaving only a light shine. You can put it on underneath lipsticks or glosses, which is what I was looking for. There’s nothing worse than having chapped lips when you’re wearing a lipstick.

So the lip treatment smells and tastes like honey. Seriously, I love to lick my lips when I put this stuff on. And it doesn’t leave a funny aftertaste like a lot of flavored lip treatments/glosses do, so feel free to put a little on before a kiss. It also has vitamin E and shea butter to help soften and condition lips, and it contains SPF. ALL lip treatments should have SPF in it because the sun will seriously damage and age the sensitive skin on your lips.

It’s a good treatment for regular and moderately dry lips. My mother made me buy two of them for her so she can keep one in her purse and one at home. She’s addicted to the Smashbox Lip Treatment! I, on the other hand, need something a little more intense to heal my ragged little lips. Don’t get me wrong- I love this stuff! It tastes great and it does help condition my lips, but it’s just not strong enough for the damage I have.

Clinique Happy For Men

Posted in Health and Beauty on January 13, 2010 by sbulletforever

I have a strong attachment to this fragrance, mostly because my boyfriend wears it. I didn’t even notice it at first, but when I smell this cologne, I can’t help but smile. It’s really the only thing he puts on to ‘dress up’, and it makes a big difference. It’s a very fun and noticeable cologne that stands out from others, even in a room full of guys that are covered in colognes from Calvin Klein and other top brands.

It’s a light scent, and what I mean by that is it’s not thick with musk or alcohol. Most colognes and perfumes have those two overpowering ingredients, but this little beauty is free of it. To me, it smells spicy with a touch of sweet. And the Clinique Happy For Men does have staying power, so it won’t wear off on him an hour after he puts it on.

I would compare this to the Hollister Co. fragrance for men, which is what they spray on all of their clothes in the store. It’s like a less potent and sweeter version of that. If you’re looking for a good cologne for you boyfriend/guy friend/relative, this is it. It won’t give them (or you) a headache, and it’ll make them stand out in a crowd. Very original scent!