Urban Decay Lip Primer Potion

Primers are beautiful things. They make your makeup last longer, and many of them have extra brightening or healthy effects. One of the best-selling brands in the makeup market, Urban Decay, is famous for their line of skin, lip, eyes, and eyelash primers. I’m just going to review the lip primer potion today.

The stick looks colored, but it goes on clear. It’s a very thick, waxy primer that actually flakes off a bit when you rub it on your lips. And believe me, you really have to rub in hard. The primer literally puts a matte layer on your lips that gives the lipstick something firm to hold on to.

You have to apply at least three or four coats of your lipstick over the primer potion. The wax seems to absorb much of the first two coats, dulling the color. But it seems to me like once the wax is ‘filled’ with those first coats, the third and fourth will look normal.

No, this primer does not make your lipsticks look brighter. It does, however, make your lipstick last longer. The wax coating is a protective barrier that holds on to your lipstick color like a jealous girlfriend. I use mine when I’m wearing red lipstick (Benefit’s Full-Finish Lipstick in Flirt Alert), and it keeps it on through hours of eating, drinking, and talking. After a few hours, however, the red had dulled to a bright, red-tinted pink. That would be the wax layer. All my lips require is another coat of the red and I’m set to go for another few hours.

No, it doesn’t feel waxy on your lips. It just feels like a coat of lipstick that you forget is even there. Yes, it’s a little messy since the wax flakes off, but it isn’t so bad. It does have moisturizing effects, since the wax is so thick. You can use this before applying LIPSTICKS, GLOSSES, OR PENCILS. It’s a bit of a pain to use, and it does require an extra touch-up here and there, but I’d say it’s worth it if you’re out for hours on end. It lasted like a champ through my Halloween night!


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